I Love Oregon

I should have done this post sooner because this cute little sticker was my inspiration for Pouregon (Pour + Oregon).  I was admiring this clever image because it so clearly conveys it’s meaning.  I wondered what else you could do with the image of the state.

One day the state just tilted in my head and I saw wine pouring out of it then the word Pouregon came just as soon as I said pour.  It was all quite organic.

I didn’t know how best to pursue the idea and what to do with it.  I’m a real estate broker and have been blogging for over four years at MikeCanDoIt.com and I was just too busy to try to develop anything.  But then a slow winter came and I had some more time.  🙂

I started planning how and what I was going to do and then planned a May1st launch.  Even since then I have changed what I was going to do.  It’s been fun and I have found a lot of businesses that I never knew about before, which is what I hope I do for you.

I often tell people that the Heart Sticker was my inspiration and the few who don’t know about it come back and say they are now seeing it everywhere now.  I hope that happens with the businesses on here as well.  So far they have sold over 130,000 stickers andwho knows how many shirts. You can buy them here.

It started with humble beginnings for the Heart Sticker,

Christopher Bucci began this journey in Oregon, where he drew a heart inside the shape of the state on a napkin. It symbolized that his heart was in Oregon, a home that he had searched for all his life, and a home that he was not about to leave due to tough economic times. Since that drawing, over 130,000 stickers have been distributed and Heart In Oregon has become the symbol of the people of Oregon and their pioneering spirit.

Donation Program – 10% of Heart In Oregon’s profits are recycled and reinvested directly into the communities which they come from. Not only are you showing your regional pride, your region is benefiting as well

Since 2007, These organizations have benefit from the HeartinOregon.com (or affiliates):

  • Oregon150 Oregon’s 150 Birthday
  • Oregon Cultural Trust
  • Bonnie L. Hayes animal shelter (Washington County)
  • Animal Aid (PDX)
  • Marta House (K Falls)
  • KindTree Productions aka Autism Rocks (Eug)

You can follow them on Facebook.

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