Artemis Cafe

The Artemis Café is an offshoot of Artemis Foods, Inc., Portland’s premiere local, organic and sustainable catering company.  They serve Stumptown Coffee and The Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants for their drinks and produce a fresh menu daily. And they serve local wines and brews.

The food they serve is from Artemis Foods, Portland’s premiere local, organic and sustainable catering company. Providing corporate and special event catering to the greater Portland area since 2001, the company is named after the Greek Goddess Artemis, the Goddess of the hunt and the wild.  She was also known as the protector of woman and children.  She used natural foods for healing.

Their local farmers and vendors supply them with seasonal, local and as organic as possible ingredients.  The meats are natural and local; the seafood is wild caught and/or sustainably fished and harvested.  The dairy is organic, cheeses local and/or organic.   The care and thought follows from the coffee they serve to the dessert you drool over.

Artemis Cafe has a lush exterior with plants, flowers  and outdoor seating.  Inside the walls of windows draw in the sunlight to bounce of colors of the cafe.  The building materials fit their philosophy of sustainable practices.  They are the Recipient of RecycleWorks / BlueWorks award from the City of Portland’s Office of Sustainable Development.

Monday – Friday 7 -7
Saturday 8 – 4
Sunday closed

You can find them at:
1235 Southeast Division Street #112
Portland, OR 97202
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You can also find them on Facebook.

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