Relish Gastropub

Gastro Pub Sellwood Westmoreland

“Neighborhoods are the sum total of the emotions, experiences, occasions, and coincidences of the folks who live in them.”

Relish Gastropub is a new neighborhood restaurant in the Sellwood-Moreland area of Portland.  Relish has a vision to be to be casual-upscale where the prices are affordable but the food is exceptional.

You want beer? They have 20 rotating taps of the finest NW craft brews and selections from beyond and a 150+ wine list.  Of course they use locally sourced, seasonal, responsibly-raised, organic, and sustainably-farmed ingredients, what self-respecting upscale restaurant wouldn’t?

From their blog:

Our owners and chef have been working toward opening Relish Gastropub all of their lives. This endeavor is the culmination of their lives’ work and experience. As rich and complex as their careers have been up to this point, their pursuits are still quite simple: for Chef Valoff, to cook really good food; for Marla and Akhil, to take really good care of people. To say the team is eager to open the doors is an understatement.

Relish picked an interesting building, I actually missed what it was because it looked like a funeral home building.  I snapped the above picture when I realized what it was. I haven’t had a chance to try them out but I am hopeful for a great experience based on this quote on their blog;

…but what I really want is great people on staff. Basically, I just want to make everyone feel like it’s their home. I know everybody tries to, but it’s something that we are going to be very focused on.”

Find them on Twitter and at

6637 SE Milwaukie
Portland, OR 97202
(503) 208-3442

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