What’s The Wine?

If you know this brand this might me too easy so let’s see how good you guys are.  Reply in the comments with your guesses. Well done, it took about 2 seconds for the answer to come in. Willamette Valley Vineyards.

Image #2

Here is my second scrambled image. This one is just the label. The first blurred image was too easy let’s see if this one is easier. Need to get a grasp of just how good you guys are. 🙂 Write your answer in the comments.

Hint #1: Look at the image upside down.
Hint #2: It’s a spotted animal.
Hint #3: Ben & Jerry might like it.
Two people answered it on Facebook. Glad I could stump you all for awhile. 🙂
Answer: Purple Cow

Here is the image from Purple Cow.


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