Happy Birthday Pouregon and What’s Next

Pouregon celebrated it’s official birthday on Sunday May 1st. While Pouregon in one form or another existed long before that, May 1st was the official launch day. For the first 12 days I created four posts a day. That’s a ride to Burnoutville. So I backed off and just did four posts a day five days a week for the next month or so. I realized I needed to back off as real estate was getting busier and the posts thereafter came in spurts.

I appreciate you all coming along for the ride. I really appreciate the notes, comments, and emails thanking me for finding a cool new place you hadn’t heard of before. That was really made me smile. If you notice I don’t really review the places or drinks. I never really liked Siskel and Ebert, they didn’t necessarily have my tastes so why should I let them influence me. I just wanted you to learn about small businesses instead of always going to Starbucks, buying a Corona, or opting for Barefoot wine without learning about the great businesses we have in Oregon.

And in the end that is what I am, a small business advocate. My parents have owned small businesses, I have owned a few and I am a Realtor that works at small company. So I hope, when you have a chance, that you will at least give the small local guy a chance instead of just blindly walking into the national companies.

This isn’t goodbye but just a break from the blog as I get very busy. Pouregon’s birthday popped up out of nowhere and I scrambled together a few giveaways that I still haven’t notified the winners about. I am blessed to have some projects to work on right now that are taking my full attention.

Where you will find Pouregon in the short term is on Facebook and Twitter where sharing is link takes thirty seconds and the blog can take an hour to write.

If you haven’t already, you can follow Pouregon on Facebook and Twitter where I will still be active.  The blog will come back when projects slow down or the fans write their own posts on here which I would absolutely love to happen.

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