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It was hard to pick the first wine to kick off the official launch of Pouregon but while talking to Allison, mine, not Allison of Sokol Blosser, she reminded me that Sokol Blosser produced her favorite wines.  Over the years Sokol Blosser is the name that I hear many friends talk about.  Picking Sokol Blosser for the first Oregon wine post of Pouregon is the closest you will catch me to picking favorites here.

Evolution – Lucky Edition: Intense fruit up front and a crisp, clean finish. This unique white is truly a parade of flavors across the palate. The 9 grapes tie together perfectly, creating a smooth, layered white wine that can hold its own or stand up to just about any food pairing you dare to serve it with. It is extraordinarily food-friendly, from light salads to the hottest fusion-style cuisine. Regarding the question we’re most often asked: ‘Were you trying to do this or did your leftovers happen to work well together?’ We’ll let the success of Evolution speak for itself.

In homage to their nine grape blend Evolution, Sokol Blosser Winery released their 13th annual bottling on September 9, 2009 (9/9/09).  The wine, affectionately known as the release somewhere between the 12th & 14th edition, has officially been named the Lucky Edition, rather than the 13th.

Yelp Reviews

Ela – I’m not a outright fan of all of their wines but I need to give a super mention to Evolution! Evolution is definitely the sort of white wine that will win over some red lovers.

Marina My name is Marina, and I love Evolution.  I am headed your way soon.

ElizabethMy experience here had been quite positive. The Evolution is unique and quite tasty.

5000 Sokol Blosser Lane
Dundee, OR  97115
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