Gigabit IPA

I felt this was a fitting beer to make the first day of Pouregon’s beer post.   Oregon loves beer and technology and it made sense that when Google announced it was going to pick a city to install an experimental fiber network that the community jumped to create a beer.


Portland beer maven Kerry Finsand (whose title at start-up is “Chief Beer Officer”) was enlisted to find a local brewmaster who could produce a world class beer for the Google initiative and do it at Internet speed. He suggested Christian Ettinger of Hopworks, whose organic IPA won gold at the World Beer Cup.

The new Google-inspired beer is, of course, organic. The best description of Hopworks Organic Gigabit IPA is the words on every bottle:

“This fresh & edgy IPA honors Portland’s new gigabit network project to pioneer a connected future with Google fiber-to-the-home. Embrace the bandwidth with a massive NW hop aroma, with rich citrus and pine accents aggressively balanced with clear malt caramel flavor, and a deep, clean, satisfying finish. From Hopworks, the world’s first carbon-neutral artisanal brewery.”

Mayor Sam Adams jumped on it, sending a keg of Gigabit IPA to the Google Fiber Team in Louisiana.

And this wasn’t a one-shot wonder,

This isn’t a one off publicity stunt either. Ettinger plans to make “Gigabit IPA, his newest, available on tap, in kegs and in 22 ounce bottles in Portland.” How’s that for a commitment. –

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  • […] Hopworks has four distinct areas including a family friendly restaurant with play area, a vibrant bicycle bar, banquet mezzanine, and outdoor beer-garden.  Their 20 barrel brewery produces 4500 barrels a year and provides their restaurant with ten different HUB organic beers on tap and two cask ales at all times. They have parking for seventy cars, eight motorcycles and up to fifty bikes.  Their world-class beer, New York style pizza, and wonderful staff are some of the best you will find anywhere.  Oh, and don’t forget the beer bike or the creation of the Gigabit IPA. […]

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