Welcome to pOuRegon

This site could have been dedicated to the pouring rain but I thought that might be a bit gloomy.  So how about celebrating all of the great adult beverages and the places that pour them in Oregon?

This site will spotlight Oregon Wine, Oregon Beer, Oregon Coffee Houses, and any events and places that sell these delicious liquids. The hope is for four posts a day that will look like this.

6AM: Coffee Post – You need a good suggestion to get the day going right?

10AM: Beer Post – Lunch is around the corner.

12PM: Wine Post – Lunch is here but a great wine at the end of the day sounds good too.

2PM: Open – There may be no post here or it may be news, charity, or something that doesn’t compete with the previous posts of the day.

The full launch is planned for May 1st though that could be moved forward or back.  Sign up for the RSS feed or an email subscription to have new posts sent to your email inbox.


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