Classic Wine Auction Raise $2.2 Million

Video from last year’s 25th Anniversary.


Five area charities that collectively serve 42,000 children and families will receive at least $2.2 million that was raised Saturday during the annual Classic Wines Auction, the group’s executive director said Sunday.

Even in this tough economy it matches, and possibly exceeds last year result of $2.25 million.  In their 25 year history they have raised $21.6 million.

From their site, Classic Wines Auction,

What began as a small group of friends exchanging wine from personal collections to raise funds for Portland’s Metropolitan Family Service, the Classic Wines Auction has evolved into one of the top ten charity wine auctions in the United States according to Wine Spectatormagazine, prompting organizers to form a separate nonprofit entity in July 2004.

What a fantastic way to share a passion and a charity.  Cheers to them.

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