Rimsky’s Coffee House

I have debated about spotlighting this Rimsky’s since I started Pouregon. The full name is Rimsky-Korsakoffee House but most who know about it just call it Rimsky’s. I learned of it in the mid 90’s from a friend. The exterior has no sign and if you walk by it you would probably just think they are having some big party, which they are.

Before the internet, and after the internet had been around, it wasn’t likely you could find out where Rimsky’s was located. Like a secret club or hideaway, you needed someone to bring you the first time. I actually forgot where it was for time and when I wanted to go back I had to drive around and around before I lucked into it. I love that the location was kept secret for so long.

The Willamette Week wrote up a story about Rimsky’s but didn’t include the address just like people kept the twist to Sixth Sense to themselves, well actually I know someone who spoiled it just as the movie started. And while even news publications would keep the secret, the little-coffeehouse-that-could did just fine.

Now with Yelp, Google Places, CitySearch, and probably FourSquare the location is not secret. I won’t give out the address and to even keep a little mystery the video on here is in another language.

What do you get with Rimsky’s? Good coffee, hot chocolate, desserts, and more. There is a piano that is sometimes being played. Interesting things on the wall, non-matching plates, tables that move, and one of the most interesting bathrooms you’ve seen. If you don’t know where it is, don’t search it on the internet. Go find someone who knows where it and enjoy it together.


  • Saigon John says:

    Growing up in Southeast Portland, I have always enjoyed the exclusivity of Rimsky’s. I use that word to describe it for the low-key, community feel it has. Certainly has its pros and cons but more pros as evident by the mere fact they’re still in business. I honestly have not been there since my prom night back in 1993. Glad to still hear they’re around and doing well. As an 18-year-old, I could hardly endorse the quality of its coffee, but would love to go back there now and check it out.

  • Edwin says:

    Cool post! Thanks

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