Besides Coffee, Wine, and Beer, Pouregon also celebrates beverages made in Oregon. This is one of those.

I heard Rick Emerson profess his love Viso daily on his radio show for years.  I learned through Rick’s show just how fervent the fans were for Viso’s vitamin-packed energy drinks.

VISO was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2001. Our mission at VISO has always been to provide consumers with the best tasting and most nutritious beverages on the market. VISO beverages are primarily a vitamin, mineral, and electrolyte delivery system, and are formatted in Energy, Organic, and Low Cal options. VISO Beverages now comfortably partake in the Vitamin/Mineral, Energy, and Organic Juice Beverage segments, offering customers a unique perspective on modern beverage architecture.

Viso has grown since 2001.  People would often call into the show just to say where they found Viso in the wilds of convenient stores; Viso Spotters you could say.  Callers would tell how they bought a case, how many were left, and that others better hurry before it was gone.  Are those fans or what?

Our beverages are now available in 16 oz, environmentally friendly cans, and the beverages we design and produce are light years ahead of anything else available. No other beverages can compete with the Organically fruity flavors and great taste of VISO! We are currently available in the NW, but we will be expanding nationwide in the next three years with our constantly evolving product line.

Want to know where to buy on of the seven flavors of the extremely popular drink?  Since just a few years ago where people would announce on a radio show where they found Viso, now Viso has a map of all of the places you can find it.  Ahh, the wonders of technology, click here.

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