Mr. Green Beans

Mr. Greenbeans

“Do what you love and love what you do.” It’s a well-known recipe for happiness.  For Trevin and Ginny Miller, that recipe combines their love of family, the pride in doing things themselves, the dream of owning their own business, and, of course, their enthusiasm for coffee.

Coffee is a big part of the cultures of both of their extended families.  Family gatherings are always filled with never-ending pots of coffee and lots of laughing and conversation.  Coffee and family go back as far as either can remember.  When opening Mr. Green Beans, it just made sense to them to extend that love of coffee and family to include their customers.

Where to find green coffee beans in Portland Oregon?

This is the question that started it all.  As they neared the end of their sample coffee beans, which they had received at the coffee roasting class they took, they knew we would have to find a solid source for more green coffee beans.  The instructor had told us that finding good quality green coffee beans was the most difficult part of home coffee roasting.  There wasn’t a reliable source in Portland, a few ethnic shops sold unroasted coffee beans, but they were of questionable quality and source.  Even though Portland is flush coffee roasters from the huge CBI to ultra micro roasters, very few of them were willing to provide small lots of beans to the home roaster.

It isn’t feasible for people to purchase #150 bags of coffee.  For a short period they relied on the internet, which is a great source, but the shipping was a killer.  So the question arose, “Could you set up a business that catered solely to the DIY coffee Roaster?  Would you be able to provide green coffee beans at a competitive price, and still make enough money to support of business?”  These are the questions we now leave to the people of Portland to answer.

Mr. Green Beans has now opened and will have their Grand Opening on October 16th, at 6pm.  They offer classes in store, accesories, 20 kinds of coffee beans, brewing systems, and much more.

Visit them at
3932 N Mississippi Ave.
Portland Or. 97227

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