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From Seufert Winery – Our winery bears the name Seufert (cy-fert) from the winemaker’s family. Owner and winemaker Jim Seufert is a 4th generation Oregonian and loves everything about Oregon.  Jim’s family plays an integral role in the wines – from picking and processing grapes to selling the finished wine… it’s a family affair.  Stop by our winery to experience some of this family love.

Jim started his journey into Pinot Noir and the world of Oregon wines in 2005 as a winemaker in the McMinnville AVA with the help of Randy and Kim Coleman at Coleman Vineyard.  Before jumping into the winemaking business, Jim discovered his love for great wines while globe-trotting some of the worlds best wine producing regions on his employer’s dime.  With this global wine experience, Jim realized that Oregon was the perfect place for a small-scale Pinot Noir winery. He decided to focus on the winemaking part of the business and purchases grapes from regional growers that are dedicated to growing only the best quality grapes.  The grapes come from a dozen different vineyards straight to the small winery in a warehouse in Dayton, Oregon.

We believe that our wines reflect our philosophy to let the vineyard nuances shine through in every sip. Therefore, we use a very light hand when it comes to winemaking. We specialize in single vineyard designated Pinot Noirs, and we take a similar approach to each vineyard with minimal intervention. We want each wine to capture the time, place, and the vintage it was crafted in. We employ techniques that produce wines with great structure and maintain the connection back to the vineyard of origin.

Come, join our family!

Tasting Room and Address
Open 11-5 Tuesday- Sunday
415 Ferry Street
Dayton, Oregon 94117
503 864 2946

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