Apex Bar

So I was out looking for places to highlight for the beer post and a server at another bar said to check out Apex Bar.  What could be a better testimonial than a server at another bar telling me to check out this one.  I went straight over on a sunny Thursday, well, sunny between the clouds.

The bartender told me that when we had that great weather last weekend all of the tables you see above were full.  Set them out and they will come?  Apex Bar follows a model the owners found in San Francisco where the bar focuses on serving great beers without the hassle of having a kitchen.  So what if your hungry? Next door is a Mexican restaurant and Apex has a list of places that deliver!  Pretty smart and they sell sunscreen so you don’t have to worry about sitting out in the sun.

I should talk about the beer.  They have 50 taps available that turn over constantly.  So how can you know what beers they have on tap?  Of course they have a page on their website that updates when they change out a tap and there is a television screen that changes as well.  They love bikes as you can see from one of the longest bike racks I have seen outside of a triathalon.

So let’s recap; they’ve been open for about 4 weeks, other bar’s servers are recommending them, they have sunscreen to sit outside at one of the gagillion tables, 50 beers on tap, and even pinball machines!  Why did you even read this far? Go check them out!

11:30am – 2:30am
Always tons of bike parking. Drink, DON’T DRIVE.

1216 SE Division St.
Portland, Oregon 97202
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