Stupid Internet, or Maybe Smart Internet

If you have read the About page then you know, like many blogs, that this is a side project.  Last night as I sat down to write the posts for today but I couldn’t get my internet to work.  It felt like a conspiracy because my phone’s 3G wasn’t working as well. I sat there calling the internet and other various components of the information superhighway names and I realized I was tired. The internet may have saved me from myself.  So as I apologize for not having new posts today I am also thankful for the sleep.

I was also taught the lesson to build a a bank of posts so I don’t get stuck like that again.  I try to put together four posts a day to cover the Oregon beverages loved by so many.  With that in mind I have a few questions I would really appreciate you answering in the comments below: 

  • How many posts would you like to see a day?
  • Which of the three drinks are more important to you? Coffee, Beer, or Wine.  They could be equal for you too.
  • Would you like to see weekend content?

I really appreciate your responses. 



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  • Matt says:

    Well, I'll tell ya. 1) One post a day is enough, because I'm usually too busy to read much more. 2) Coffee and Beer are about equal. But if I HAD to pick, a good micro would win. 3) I think weekend content would be good. That would be when I had a little more time to enjoy your posts. 🙂
    My recent post Congratulations!

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