Why Is This Monkey Watching Me Eat?


This was going to be a post where you guessed where in Oregon you could watch, or be watched by, a monkey while you eat hamburgers and drink milkshakes but five people immediately guessed on Facebook. I was completely out of the loop. I originally heard about this place on 105.1 The Buzz and I pictured it just a little differently. Since so many people have been there or know about it I will just let you know how it was based my first experience there.

I should have asked why this retro hamburger joint was named Alf’s while the monkey seemed to be named Elvis. (Found the answers here.) Have you ever gone backstage or went somewhere were you weren’t sure you should be? You stayed quiet and absorbed as much as you could without talking to anyone? That’s how I felt which is why I am not sure Elvis is really the monkey’s name. I wanted to ask a million questions but didn’t. I realize now that I took only video of Elvis and not photos. I will work on the videos later.

I ate and occasionally looked over to see if Elvis was moving so I could grab some decent video. I orignally imagined a large enclosure with maybe 4 monkeys. Perhaps there would be bar-style seating where everyone would sit surrounding the enclosure. Here they just have a 6 X 6 or so enclosure for the 2ft (?) monkey that is off to one side of the restaurant.

There was a family there with a 2 year old daughter and I heard the father say that he was there about 20 years ago. So I guess they rotate monkeys in and out like they did with Lassie. As I sit here I am truly surprised how little I know abou this place. It’s silly. It must be like when they first put Peanut Butter and Chocolate together. Didn’t make sense at the time but it worked. If you would like to be left completely baffled like I am then shoot down to McMinnvile and visit Alf’s on the south end. Oh, and Elvis wears jeans. That must save on some unsavory sights.

1250 SW Baker St.
McMinnville, OR
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