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What do Cellar Door Coffee Roasters, Posies Cafe, and Open Space Cafe have in common? They serve some of the best coffee in the city and they’re all on Supportland. Supportland is a free rewards card that the offers incentives for buying local. It’s like a regular reward card, but instead of working at only one store, it works at locally-owned businesses across the Portland Metro Region. Customers can pick up the card for free at any participating business and start racking up points. The points can be redeemed for products and services from those same businesses. For example, Cellar Door is offering a 16oz coffee for 20 points. Customers can earn the 20 points by making purchases at any locally-owned businesses on the network. This is what makes Supportland such a unique collaboration between businesses.

Aside from the city-wide rewards program, businesses are also using the technology to carry traditional punch cards. Instead of multiple paper punch cards, customers can now carry all the punch card information digitally on the Supportland Card. For example, the Cellar Door punch card is “Buy 10 bags of coffee and get 1 free.” Every time a customer buys a bag of coffee at Cellar door and swipes their card, they get one step closer to a free bag of high quality beans.

Whether with points or punches, the Supportland Card has a clear goal of incentivizing consumers to shop locally-owned businesses. Everyone wants to support the mom-n-pops that make Portland great and Supportland has just made it easier. Hopefully this program will be popping up elsewhere as the technology has been built to export so other communities can support local. All the networks will have the ability to seamlessly transfer points between them so that consumers can travel and support locally-owned as well. Check it all out on

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