Happy Hour Grilling Sauces

(NOTE: I tried the sauces at the Spring Beer and Wine Fest and they were fantastic!)

Happy Hour Foods, LLC is pleased to introduce HAPPY HOUR SAUCES. A creative and innovative line of gourmet grilling and dipping sauces. Each sauce is inspired by a popular cocktail. HAPPY HOUR COSMOPOLITAN SAUCE and HAPPY HOUR MOJITO SAUCE.

Lisa Bishoff, the owner and creative innovator of HAPPY HOUR FOODS, LLC was born amidst the glow of neon lights in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada. Perhaps it was growing up in a twenty-four hour town where excellent food, drink and top notch entertainment influenced Lisa. However, the biggest inspiration for Lisa came from her desire to cook and entertain with flair and ease at home. Lisa Bishoff (SAUCY to her friends) set out to create a fantastic line of savory sauces that tap into the lively, fun and sexy world of cocktails: HAPPY HOUR SAUCES.

P.S. Lisa has been a proud Oregonian for the past nine years.

* Each HAPPY HOUR SAUCE is unique and flavorful.
* Fun ideas allowing the consumer to (optional) “sass-up” their HAPPY HOUR SAUCE with spirits.
* Preparation is effortless, ready to use.
* HAPPY HOUR SAUCES are versatile at any meal or occasion. HAPPY HOUR SAUCES inspire CHEER to create HAPPY HOUR at a BBQ, tailgating event, fancy soiree, or at home.

HAPPY HOUR COSMOPOLITAN SAUCE: The classic Cosmopolitan ingredient of cranberries are combined with jalapenos and sweet and savory flavors to create a sophisticated and sexy culinary experience. HAPPY HOUR COSMOPOLITAN SAUCE is delightful on grilled salmon, party meatballs, sweet potato fries, Brie and chicken quesadillas and so much more. For a sassy serving suggestion, combine one tablespoon of vodka to one cup of HAPPY HOUR COSMOPOLITAN SAUCE and serve with your favorite meats, fish, vegetables and cheese.

HAPPY HOUR MOJITO SAUCE: The alluring Mojito ingredients of lime and mint sweetly swaying to the savory flavors of Cuba. HAPPY HOUR MOJITO SAUCE is great on Baja style fish tacos, grilled shrimp, pulled pork, Latin style flank steak, tossed with roasted corn or potatoes, drizzled over scrambled eggs with chorizo and so much more. For a sassy serving suggestion, combine one tablespoon of rum to one cup of HAPPY HOUR MOJITO SAUCE and serve with your favorite meats, fish, breads and vegetables.

HAPPY HOUR FOODS, LLC just launched HAPPY HOUR SAUCES at the Portland Spring Beer and Wine Festival, on April 2nd and 3rd, 2010.

PLEASE continue to check www.happyhourfoods.com for the coming website.

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Cheers! …Thank you for your support.

Email lisa_happyhourfoods@msn.com to learn more.

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