Beer Fans can visit www.Taplister.com and search to see where their favorite beers are on tap in supported cities. Mobile users can download the free iPhone app called Beer Signal or use a mobile version of Taplister.com to search for their favorite beers

TapLister is a free service for you, the craft beer drinker. TapLister will help find where your favorite beers are being served by using Twitter and the collective power of the beer geek community to gather up-to-date tap list information.

You can use Twitter, their website, or their Mobile app to update the online tap lists of your favorite bars right from your smart phone or laptop. They gather all that information on the TapLister servers and bring you the world’s first live local beer search engine!

TapLister offers three ways to let others know what’s on tap at your favorite local watering hole, what you’re drinking right now, and what taps have just run dry.

  • Beer Signal is a free iPhone App to bring your friends together to enjoy some good beer at your favorite establishments around town.
  • Through the TapLister site you can search for bars and beers and see what they are pouring.  You can tweet what you found directly from the site.
  • You can also list a beer on tap on Twitter adding it to the TapLister database.

Capitalize the Beer and Bar names.
Place an “at” before the name of the bar.
Don’t forget the #ontap— hashtag, depending on what city you’re in.

In Portland, on tap: Widmer Drifter Pale Ale at Widmer Gasthaus #ontappdx
Example for Portland, off tap: Widmer Drifter Pale Ale off at Widmer Gasthaus #ontappdx

About TapLister

Taplister.com of Portland, OR was founded in February 2009 by tech and beer geeks, Kerry Finsand, Scott Wray, Ken Baer, Kevin Scaldeferri and recently added Derek Arent. With the singular goal of creating a community resource that helps you find what craft beers are on tap in Portland, Oregon, Taplister.com has achieved this by creating the first live beer search engine using the popular social network Twitter and expanded it’s network to other cities now as well.

In addition Taplister.com has installed Pubcams at various venues that display a live feed of their tap boards on Taplister.com (a small camera icon next to the bar name will indicate this if so).

On Twitter:@taplister

On Facebook: Facebook.com/TapLister

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