G Joy Saké

Saké is a sneaky drink. It somehow hides the alcohol taste until after it hits your liver and brain.  I have heard more stories about Sake getting the best of someone than anything other type of drink.

From Saké One’s Website:

It’s one thing to import fine sake from Japan, which we have done for more than 15 years and will continue to do with great pride. But, it is a whole other commitment to set up a Kura (sake brewery) and focus on crafting the finest sake made in America. From our home in Oregon, we brew premium Junmai Ginjo styles in a range of distinct sake profiles that can be found across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. You can, of course, also order here on our website as long as we can ship to your state. Please explore and learn more about sake and your Oregon craft brewer. Kanpai!

G Joy Saké

STYLE – Junmai Ginjo Genshu: Made with only rice, water, yeast and koji with the rice milled to 60% of its original size. Aged ten months for extra body and depth of flavor.  A hand crafted, special blend of three superior sakés selected by our tasting panel and blended to their specifications.

TASTING NOTES – Whether you are a saké purist or a looking for an incredible saké experience to set a standard for saké exploration this is the one for you. Full fruity nose with hints of spice give way to rich, creamy layers of ripe melon flavors with hints of pear and plum followed by a long, lingering tropical spice finish. A truly special Junmai Ginjo Genshu Saké.

PAIRING NOTES – “G” goes wonderfully with a wide range of Japanese cuisine including sushi and tempura but shift your perspective and think world cuisine, pacific fusion or even South American. Set a glass next to rosemary crusted lamb, grilled artichoke hearts and a selection of rich cheeses. Or, pair it up with chipotle spiced ribs, lime and chili black beans and tomato rice. “G” goes well around the world.


Want to taste some of their sake? Well you’re in luck.  They have a tasting room in Forest Grove.

Kura Flight: Includes four Oregon craft saké from Momokawa, Moonstone and G.  $3.00

Toji Flight: Includes the Kura flight plus to additional reserve saké from either our club specialty bottlings or our select imports. $5.00

Saké Shock: Saké is not just for sushi any more. This flight offers 5 wild and wonderful food and saké pairings that will forever change your perception what to eat when drinking saké. $10.00

11:00 am to 5:00 pm, seven days a week.

820 Elm Street
Forest Grove, OR 97116-3041

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