Crater Lake Soda

Crater Lake Soda is made with pure cane sugar, as opposed to the high-fructose corn syrup that many of their competitors use.  They don’t use additives such as caffeine or foam enhancers. Foam enhancers are present in some soda products, especially root beers and cream sodas, to promote a stable head for visual appeal. Crater Lake Soda varieties are all lightly carbonated for a full, crisp taste. They happily brew their sodas the old-fashioned way to meet consumer demand for healthier products and a true gourmet soda. Crater Lake Soda varieties are also Kosher and gluten-free.

I found them while checking out the web site for The Tigard Balloon Festival which they are proudly sponsoring.  This is another case of something that is in many places but somehow has escaped my attention; and I love Cream Soda. Here are some places that you can purchase their sodas.

Or check them out at the Tigard Balloon Festival this weekend.

From their site:

We’re proud of our company history, which started when a recipe for homemade root beer was created by the Gouverneur family of Southern Indiana. The youngest of four children, Curt Gouverneur took a particular interest in helping to craft homemade sodas – paying close attention to the quality ingredients needed to make a truly gourmet soda.

Curt worked to create three additional varieties – orange cream, vanilla cream and lemon lime bitter – and joined Ocean Mist Sales & Marketing to make his dream of brewing gourmet sodas a reality. Ocean Mist Sales & Marketing is affiliated with the Yoshida Group of companies. Until recently we have only offered our sodas in kegs, but as a result of this affiliation, we are now able to offer the same great product in retail stores.

We have always used premium ingredients, and will never compromise the quality of ourtruly gourmet sodas. Every drop of Crater Lake Soda is brewed and bottled in beautiful Portland, Oregon, and available in stores throughout the Pacific Northwest. We recommend you enjoy these classic American sodas served chilled, with great company!

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