Coffee In Motion

Coffee In Motion

As you may have read my Dad had a heart attack and then had double bypass surgery so I made quite a few trips to Salem.  I always keep my eye open for some new place to feature on Pouregon and this one stood out.

There are plenty of “shack” looking drive thru coffee shops but I have been hesitant to feature them because they are nondescript, boring.  But a big red double-decker bus?  Pretty cool.  I didn’t have the time to stop by and really check them out so I made a quick call.

Coffee In Motion has been around for 11 years and just a couple of miles off of I-5 at exit 253.  The owner had the plan for double decker bus originally.  The first person he talked to wanted too much for it and, much to my surprise, he was able to stumble upon one in Salem.  I have only seen one double-decker bus in Portland in all of my time here. How do they even get over here?

You know the hoopla about Starbuck’s adding a 31 ounce coffee?  Amatuers!  Coffee in Motion has a 44 ounce coffee!  Drving down to Corvallis or Eugene for a game, heck going to Seattle?  You’ll get there on this monstrosity. You may need an automatic because I don’t know what cup holder will keep it.

Coffee in Motion serves Millars coffee which is just above the Oregon border, kind of like a cousin so they’re still family.  They do their best to serve local products like Tillamook and  Croissant and Company. The have iced drinks and 30 sugar free flavors. And, pretty smart being near a hospital and a college, they’re open 24 hours.

Visit them at
Coffee In Motion
2420 Mission St. SE.
Salem, OR, 97302

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  • ec155 says:

    Hi Mike, this coffee shop is a real eye catcher. The bus looks in great condition as well – does it still run? Of course there are plenty of red buses over here (mostly in London), but not many you can buy a 44 oz coffee in! That sounds a good bet to keep anyone awake on a long run. I must say I hate to miss a good coffee opportunity on a motorway journey, and if I saw this one I'd definitely stop. ec155

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