Caffe Pacori – Wood Roasted Coffee

A friend of mine mentioned that he had his first cup of wood roasted coffee, something I hadn’t heard of before.  So I looked for around and found Caffe Pacori.

At Caffé Pacori we roast our coffee daily in small batches ensuring you the freshest and most flavorful coffee you can find. We carefully select our beans and then blend them before they are roasted to bring out the uniqueness of the blend.

For a special treat try our exceptionally smooth Wood Roasted coffee. Smoky, sweet, with a wonderful aroma and low in acidity. Our Wood Roasted coffees are sure to please.

My friend agreed that the coffee was less bitter than most.  Not long ago all coffee was roasted this way and many believe that the flavor is different than when it is roasted with natural gas or electrically.  Just like you buy mesquite wood chips to barbecue to enhance the flavors you can do this by blending woods.

If you know of any Oregon cafes serving wood roasted coffee please let me know in the comments below.

Caffe Pacori offers free shipping over $35 and they have wholesale for you coffee shops that would like to try it.

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