Hop Valley Brewing

Some of the largest hops farms in the country were located at the confluence of the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers until prohibition destroyed the demand.  Hops Valley Brewing pulls from this rich history to brew some fantastic beers on site.

Their Brew Master is Trevor Howard.  A graduate of the OSU Fermentation Science program in 2004, he has already won 41 medals at national and international beer tasting competitions.  He started with Rogue in April, 2004 before joining Hop Valley where they brewed the first batch of DD Blonde.  

Their beers:

Stepchild Red – A hoppy, malty, rich NW red ale. deep amber in color. (6.1% abv)

541 Lager – A crisp refreshing American Lager. (4.8% abv)

Double D Blonde – Golden in color, with a rich white head, a crisp, refreshing blonde with a touch of wheat.  (4.9% abv)

Alphadelic IPA – A true NW IPA, with an orange-copper hue, & enough malt to back it up.  (6.5% abv)

The Heff – An American take on a German classic.  This Hefeweizen is light yellow-orange in color, unfiltered, clean and refreshing

980 Kruse Way
Springfield, Oregon
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