My name is Mike Rohrig and I love Oregon. It’s not so much a confession as a declaration. I have lived here since 1989, been a real estate broker since 2002 and blogging for over 4 years.

I also love the Oregon sticker with a heart in the middle. It is clever and conveys a specific message.

One day I was looking at that sticker and wondered what else you could do with the image of the state. As that rattled around in my brain one day in early 2009 or so, I just tilted the state and saw wine coming out of it and the word Pouregon came to mind. Then I saw coffee and beer as well and the basic concept of Pouregon was born.

It took a little while to figure out exactly what I was going to do with it until February 2010 and then I decided to launch it May 1st, 2010.

I have many people to thank for different things and influence they may not even know they had on me on this site. Order of list is random

Nick Bostic
Jonas Reyes
Sandra Daniels
Ana Schrick
Dale Chumbley

PINTS Brewing
Gary Vaynerchuk
Nicholas De Salvo
Cindy Anderson

Rachel Andersen
John Le
Tootie MacKenzie
Ron Ares
Joel Weiler

I will add to this list as I remember more people but
in general, thanks to anyone whose eyes lit up when
they heard my idea and said, “Awesome.”


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