Hot Lips Soda

HOTLIPS Soda is made to worship the magnificent fruits and berries grown in the Pacific Northwest. With taste blasts and shifts in flavor, and surprising notes and harmonies, each sip tells the story of prime growing conditions and the hard work of growers.

HOTLIPS Soda is real fruit soda, traditionally brewed. Picked-ripe fruit is cooked in open kettles, bringing out its nuanced flavors. Seeds are filtered out (but not pulp), then water, pure cane sugar and organic lemon juice are added. Then it is carbonated, put into bottles and pasteurized.

HOTLIPS Soda is available for distribution. For more information contact or call their business office at 503-224-2069.  Get your local store to start carrying it so you can feed your need and support a sustainable Oregon company.

Until then you can pick it up at any of the five Hot Lips locations around Portland.

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