Twitter Tips

I have seen a lot of people on Twitter not taking full advantage of it’s basic settings.  Here two points of help.  If you search “Wine” or “Beer” on Twitter you will be overwhelmed and likely you won’t find the local stuff you want.

If you search Twitter for “Oregon Wine” or “Oregon Beer” you get 10 for wine and 3 for beer (As of 4/1/10). Similar results if you replace Oregon with Portland.

You have an opportunity right now.  If someone knows your name that is great but you want people who don’t know your name to find you easier as that is the point of all of your hard work.

Go in to your Twitter settings and click “Profile”.   Make sure you aren’t changing your “Username”.  Change your “Name” to the industry you serve.  Click save.  Use your bio for your name.

Something else I see is missing ofteen quite often is a web address . Twitter has a spot in your Profile settings for a webpage.  Let people know where they can find you and what you are; they may not take the time to Google your name.  I have seen this on many accounts and you are definitely missing out.

Lastly, Twitter is powerful.  If you search “Oregon wine and beer”, Pouregon’s Twitter feed shows up on the first page.   Yesterday it was 6th, today it is in first position. (4/8/2010)  Social networks are becoming powerful.  Utilize them.

Hope that helps.

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