What is #4sqday? (FourSquare Day)

FourSquare is an phone application that lets you check-in to various locations and share that with friends. April 16th, 4/16, is FourSquare day. Personally I love FourSquare and the other check in services because it allows us to share the great places that others may not have heard about before which is what Pouregon is all about.

From BrightEyesNews:
Foursquare Day began as a fun way to recognize the company foursquare on April 16 each year. Foursquare is a very fun application that has the potential to enrich the life of both users and local businesses like mine. To participate, all you have to do is go to any place on April 16 where people can gather and let the world know you are there via foursquare. It is that simple.

However, as the Foursquare Day project grew, I began to think about what I was experiencing. Although I have blogged here and elsewhere for years, used Twitter and Facebook very successfully to promote Bright Eyes and create actual, real-life relationships with people, I have never experienced the raw power that social media has to literally change the world, until now. And that has become what Foursquare Day means to me.

To the best of my knowledge, and I am certain that someone will correct me if I am wrong, Foursquare Day is the first globally recognized grass-roots celebration of the power of social media as a positive force within the community.

FourSquare Day Portland, #4sqdaypdx, will happen on April 16 throughout the Portland Metro area. There will be businesses that will offer specials when you check in for just that one day, though some offer specials all of the time. Whiffies will be offering $1 off a pie with a check in during the Swarm Party 5pm – 8pm and Zzoom Media will be donating $1 towards the Japan Relief Effort for every check in that day at Whiffies . The Swarm Party is the where we hope to get enough people to check in at one location to unlock a Super Swarm badge which means 250 people are currently checked in at one place.

On FourSquare Day go and explore your city and meet up with friends. Explain to your reluctant friends how much you enjoy it and the places you’ve learned of because of FourSquare. Have fun!

If you are a business that wants to particpate, for free, in the one day deals and be listed on 4SqDayPDX.com click on the “Partner With Us” Page to be listed. The businesses that fit Pouregon will be listed here as well on 4/15.

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