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Sokol Blosser

A friend is having a birthday party this weekend and a wine tasting is part of it.  I really wasn’t sure if we should warn the tasting rooms that we might have a group of 12-15.  I have been to tasting rooms where five cars pulled up at almost the same time and nothing went wrong.  For that reason I felt a bit silly asking if we needed to make some reservations.

I loaded the emails of the places that she would possibly want to try and after some hesitation hit the send button.  Then because I wanted immediate feedback I went on Twitter and asked for opinions.  @LunaBeanMedia quickly told me yes, they needed to know.

Slowly the email replies trickled in.  All but one of the replies said, “Yes, we want to know if a large party is coming in.”  One told me that if it was a party bigger than 12 that they couldn’t handle that after 2pm.  And the one tasting room, Hip Chicks Do Wine, just said to come on down and that they are open until 7pm, which is two hours later than most.

So that is a small heads up on taking a large group around.  Want some more great advice?  Check out 10 tips in:

Visiting Wine Tasting Rooms: Advice For A Guaranteed Good Time

It ‘s a fantastic article everyone should read at least once a year before starting their tasting trips.

Have a great weekend.

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