Sweetest Thing Cupcakes

Sweetest Thing Cupcakes

I first met the owners of Sweetest Thing Cupcakes at Pinot in the Pearl. I was three weeks into a gluten free diet for myself and tried to prove my resolve by walking up and talking to them without taking a sample.  I was successful, at first.

I talked to Ann and John Rhinehart for a few minutes while trying to be inconspicuous as I breathed deeply to enjoy the smells. If I recall John said he had been gluten free for six months but got bored with it. They make gluten free cupcakes but didn’t happen to bring any that day. I said by goodbyes and walked to the next table, smug in my will power. I think we all knew I was coming back, it just took me longer to figure it out.

About 20 minutes later I finally broke down and came back.  I really don’t remember what I said as I approached the table.  He just had a big, knowing grin and said, “Which one first?”  I had them all and they were delicious.  If you are going to break your gluten free diet this is the way.  But if you have stronger will power than me you will be happy to know that they have several gluten free cupcakes.

From their site:

When my mother was growing up my grandfather owned the local bakery in the small Indiana town they called home.  Everyday customers lined up to indulge in his decadent pastries, donuts, breads, and cakes he scratch baked daily.  Today, I am reviving the “family baking business” with the scratch bake cupcake bakery I began with my husband in Newberg, Oregon.

At Sweetest Thing Cupcakes we bake our gourmet cupcakes with local, high quality ingredients farmed in bountiful Oregon free from hormones, pesticides, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, and preservatives.  We use ingredients like RBST free sweet cream, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, Bob’s Red Mill flours and ingredients, evaporated cane juice, Cacao Barry’s chocolate, India Tree’s natural colors and sprinkles and more.

Our hope is that Sweetest Thing Cupcakes brings friends and family together to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasure- cupcakes!

Ann and John Rhinehart

Two weekends ago I fled the heat and went out to Newport.  On the way back Allison and I visited their shop which is in located in a gorgeous 1920’s Craftsman home. The shop is large, gorgeous and lends itself to the feeling of home baked. It’s a great place parties and special events.

Located in Newberg they understand the great flavors of wine and what choice cupcakes work together. And while they have become known for their delicious cupcakes they have expanded to beautifully decorated cakes which you can see here on Facebook. Next time you are visiting the lovely wine country in the Newberg area do yourself a favor and drop by Sweetest Thing Cupcake.

Tues-Fri 10-7
Sat 9-7
Closed Sun & Mon

2501 Portland Rd Ste A,
Newberg, OR 97132

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