Herbal Liqueur No. 7

TROUTDALE, Ore.—Tuesday, December 28, 2010—McMenamins Edgefield distillers Clark McCool and James Whelan have released a new spirit called Herbal Liqueur No. 7, unique to McMenamins. Indeed, it’s very “definition” defies explanation: Based on the Seven Vapors of the Shamanic Mirth Nostrum, this serpentine Luminary facilitates transmutational cognition… Who or what are the Seven Vapors? Just what is transmutational cognition? We are not sure.

What we do know is that Herbal Liqueur No. 7 was distilled with a blend of Edgefield estate-grown garden herbs called the Black Rabbit Magic Potion #9. At 40% alcohol and 80 proof, the spirit is bold with flavors of cinnamon, mint and caraway, balanced with the sweetness of organic birch syrup.

So just what does the number seven signify? According to the distillers (with a little help from their friends), it could mean that the nectar from the wimbled birch kindles this botanical trundle wheel at seven turns…seven families of laughing botanicals. Or perhaps it refers to the seven incantations: Seven rides on the broom: Seven calls in your cups. Again, we’re not really sure. You’ll have to taste it to figure it out for yourself.

The spirit is available now in our Oregon hotels, pubs and breweries and in our Washington locations as of January 2011. Order a special cocktail made using Herbal Liqueur No. 7, try it as one of the selections on our new Edgefield Distillery spirits taster trays available at all our properties or purchase a 375ml bottle for $19.50 at the Edgefield Gift Shop (Troutdale, Ore.) or at McMenamins Old St. Francis School (Bend, Ore.).

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