Spunky Monkey

Spunky Moneky

Doesn’t that just roll off the tongue?  Spunky Monkey House of Coffee.  Spunky Monkey House of Coffee.  Spunky Monkey House of Coffee.  I love it!  And one of my spies loves their coffee as well.

Spunky Monkey Coffee Roasters is an independent coffee roaster, tea blender, and chai creator located in Portland, OR.

We base our existence on the belief that great tasting food can be health food when natural & organic ingredients (real food!) are used, processed sugar is reduced, and ingredients are prepared and combined for maximum healthy impact and superior taste.

Located in the Kerns neighborhood at 35 NE 20th they serve Ginger Caramel Latte, Smoky Chai, Honey Cardamom Latte, all house-roasted coffee with organic, local milk; hot sandwiches; gluten-free waffles. All of their syrups and sauces are agave-sweetened.

It wouldn’t be Portland if they didn’t have a Bike-Thru Window. They offer free wifi like any good coffee house should.  Go check them out because you know the words Spunky Monkey House of Coffee is going to keep popping up in your head.

7:00 am – 4:00 pm
8:00 am – 3:00 pm



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