Public Domain Coffee

Public Domain Coffee has opened on the corner of Broadway and Alder in SW Portland.  After some evenings of private parties and tastings (which is why my photos are from the outside) finally opens it doors.

Coffee Bean International owns Public Domain.  CBI started in a small town in Oregon as a small two-man storefront turning it into one of the nation’s largest and most respected wholesale specialty coffee roasters, well known for its traditional artisan approach to roasting.  Today, over one million cups of our distinctive hand-roasted coffees are enjoyed each day by coffee lovers all across the country.

Like us, they believe in a schedule to keep the public interested.

Public Cuppings – Everyday at 1pm
Cup coffee with their roasters and baristas—they’ll guide you as you compare and contrast new seasonal offerings, coffees from other roasters that they love, or a personal favorite. Learn. Ask questions. Share your thoughts.  They want to show you how to discover, enjoy, and love coffee even more.

Happy Hour Espresso Tasting – Every Thursday, 4pm – 6pm
Finally, a happy hour with REAL buzz. Taste the latest seasonal espressos and shots from their rotating guest grinder. Compare, contrast, and discover a new favorite.

HOME BREWING CLASS – first saturday of the month, 11am (starting june 5)
Learn more about the different brewing methods we use at the store and how using the right techniques and tools will allow you to bring that coffee shop quality home. We’ll discuss grind, coffee age, water, and timing.

603 SW Broadway
Portland, OR 97205
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Monday-Saturday 6AM-8PM
Sunday 7AM-8PM


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