Zach’s Shack

Zach's Shack

It’s hard to find a good hot dog restaurant as most places treat it as a gimmick or a second thought.  I stumbled across Zach’s Shack (it was actually a shack, or trailer, at the time) six years ago; “Dogs with snap,” is their catch phrase.  You have had the soft, grocery store hot dogs.  Snap is what makes the good hot dogs stand out.

I was having a crappy birthday five years ago.  It was just a few months after my divorce. I had made some plans with friends but the event fell apart due to weather and because I don’t announce my birthday too often I don’t think my friends knew it was my birthday.  I was left twiddling my thumbs. Then it hit me, “I’ll go to Zach’s Shack and grab a hot dog with cheddar cheese, onions, and tomatoes.”  It had been a while but it was just the right thing to treat myself.

Back then it was just a trailer around 40th and Hawthorne.  I cruised over there thinking my birthday might be salvaged but then I arrived to find the Shack closed.  Are you kidding me?  What else could go wrong?

If I hadn’t been so annoyed at how nothing was going right that day and just driven up the street about 10 blocks I would have seen that Zach’s Shack had just found a large and more stable setting.  I stumbled across them again about two years ago. For the sake of my own sanity and hope that I still have some luck, we will assume there was not flyers on the old shack saying that they had just moved up the street.

I really like Zach’s and it’s probably best they aren’t too close to my house. They have build-your-own hot dogs and fries. It isn’t a huge place which adds to their ambiance but they have a few TV’s and you can fit a decent group in there. Oh, and a table top video game.

Of course they have drinks; beer on tap and mixed drinks.  They are a few doors down from Por Que No? and a few more doors down from Apizza Scholls.

Yelp Reviews:

Terence K. – Zack’s Shack has everything it’s supposed to. And it’s GREAT!

Tami I. – I have been a patron at Zachs Shack since it was down the street in ,well a shack.   They never disappoint!

Joshua M. – I liked the ambiance of Zach’s.

Megan O. (Seattle) – I love coming here when I’m in Portland. They have a variety of dogs at very reasonable prices.

Open everyday until 3AM

4611 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard
Portland, OR 97215-3168
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