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Brewing TV: Portland or Bust from Brewing TV on Vimeo.

Brewing TV is going around the county, specifically Portland on Tuesday, covering homebrewing of all sizes. Oregon has a history of homebrewing so I think this fits quite well with Pouregon.  Check them out at

Jake Keeler – Co-host/Executive Producer- Jake Keeler has been a homebrewer in earnest for the last 5 years, but spent a few weekends making sub-par batches back in his undergrad days (they were chugged with pride regardless).  He’s made a career in the homebrewing industry, and was recently elected onto the American Homebrewers Association Governing Committee.  As a homebrewer, he believes that brewing beer should be whatever the individual wants it to dogma.  He can’t stand the Grateful Dead though.

Michael Dawson – Co-host/Producer –  Michael Dawson has been brewing beer since 1994. He has used a garbage bag for a fermenter, bought a chest freezer before he bought a car, he has bottles of lambic older than his daughter, loves lagers but can’t quit ales, has brewed all-grain since ’97 but still brews with malt extract, is trying to brew all 80 recognized styles in 2010, is a certified BJCP judge but doesn’t enter contests, and owns way too many beer glasses. His favorite beer changes frequently based on moment/day/weather/time/food/mood.

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