Beer City USA 2010

Last year Portland tied with Asheville, NC for Beer City USA 2009. As of this writing we are behind, this cannot stand!  Portland is known for it’s beer, we have the best brewers in the country, we created Gigabit IPA to lure Google’s new network here, and we deserve it.

Since the winners were announced in May 2009, craft beer and American beer culture has skyrocketed.  Beer fests and city-wide beer weeks emerge throughout the country.  There’s pride existing in local communities for their breweries,  their beers and better beer bars, restaurants and pubs.  Even to my astonishment I’ve noticed an increase in beer culture in cities that were long beer “dead zones.”  America has awakened to better beer and their communities.

Please vote for Portland, we earned this title a long time ago so let’s claim what is rightfully ours.

Picture via Pints Brewing

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