Special Deals For FourSquare Day

4/16/2011 is FourSquare Day across America. To make the day special the following companies are offering deals on 4/16 when you check in. This is the perfect way for businesses to thank their clients for shouting to the world, “I’m here!”  Here are some Pouregon related businesses that are offering special for FourSquare Day:

Beveland Street Bistro and Coffee House (Tigard) is offering $1 off an 16oz or larger espresso drink/chai/latte for showing  your check-in.

HappyHour Guidebook – With any donation to the Red Cross you can buy the book for only $5 while at Whiffies.  The book normally retails for $15, feel free to donate the $10 difference to the Red Cross, though not required. 🙂

Whiffies (SE Hawthorne) is offering $1 off their delectable pies plus that is the location of the Swarm Party where we are tying to get 250 people to check in at the same time to unlock the Super Swarm Badge.

SouthEast Grind (SE Powell) $1 latte’s and $1 Chai for every check-in! Super Swarm Badge after party with DJ’s 10p.

Lion’s Eye Tavern (SE Portland) Buy One, Get One microbrew ($3.25) when you check-in.

For all of the businesses that are participating go to 4sqdaypdx.com.

If your business wants to offer a special on 4/16/2011 there is still a small amount of time to get on my list and possibly on 4sqdaypdx.com’s site but there are no guarantees.

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