Terms Of Service

Updated 4/8/2010
  1. We have the final authority to edit your post for size or content.  This protects you, others, and the site.
  2. Refunds are at our discretion.  An accidental overpayment will be refunded of course.
  3. Though rare, it is possible that the site’s host provider can go out of service.  If this happens we will decide how best to give your post the exposure it deserves. (In four years I have only had a problem with the host provider once and my site was down for only a few hours.
  4. Posts must be submitted 72 hours before post to be guaranteed to make your desired post date and time.  Edits are possible up until publish time but not guaranteed.  This is to give a buffer for computer issues, days off, and unexpected events.
  5. If your website, address, or phone number changes after the post is published, we can make changes because we want accurate information on the site.  Other changes to a published post can be made but that will be at our discretion.
  6. Repetitive posts could hurt readership so we are limiting the maximum number of consecutive days you can purchase at 5 for the same event and 3 for the same product.  One company can buy as many consecutive days as they want if they are promoting different products.

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